Friday, April 2, 2010

No fest for me

Ugh, the thought of fest season pains me. Sure, the beer is awesome and it is fun to talk with brewers and beer fans, but... No, I will not go. The lines, the crowds, the..the everything. I would love to go and report back to readers of this here blog about said fests, I would. Unfortunately my idea of a crowd is myself, my wife, and the bartender.
I just got back from Beer Mongers, I loved it. I could talk to Sean, maybe even talk with fellow customers, not feel rushed, shoved, or annoyed. I could go to the bathroom without a line in front and behind me. I know festivals are important and support the industry while showcasing new brews. I just can't do it.
My mind transports back to the first fresh hop festival at Hopworks. The beer was great, but the crowd was insane. For me it sucked the fun right out of the event. Yes, I know, I am mental. My perfect fest would be the beer, brewers, (ok, my wife too). But that is me.
So new reviews or updates from the SB&WF. Nope.
Anyone else feeling along these lines, or am I a crazy bugger?


  1. Thanks for inviting me to your ideal festival.

  2. Lets have a festival of our very own. I'll supply the backyard. You can bring the kegs ;]

  3. The Fresh Hops Festival at Hopworks was the worst, agreed. All of the festivals seem to get out of hand on the weekends and later in the days. That is why I always make a point to go on the weekdays and early on the weekends before the crowd arrives. I have found that works just fine for me.