Monday, June 28, 2010

why no blogging?

I have been crazy busy. Why? I am trying to give this town a much deserved cidery. I have finally found a worthy space, and am now in the finishing stages of the Mt. Everest tall stack of paperwork needed to put my dream together. Hopefully, we can be open by September 1st, with our own product being available by Thanksgiving.
The name of the cidery is Bushwhacker Cider. It will be a cidery, cider themed bottle shop, and, hopefully, a mecca to play darts in. We will have cider on draft, and not just our own.
Cider is awesome, plain and simple.
So, tell me your thoughts, please.


  1. That's awesome - I love a good dry cider. I'm not a big fan of the sweet stuff.

  2. The where is on 12th and Powell. The when is up to the OLCC, but hopefully mid-September. Bushwhacker will be a semi-dry. And never forget, if you don't like Bushwhacker Cider, that's OK, we'll happily sell you another that you do!!!