Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brooklyn Park Pub

I admit to walking or driving right past this place several times. For no apparent reason really. I suppose I always had the "I'll try it next time" mentality towards it. Well, since Bushwhacker is in the Brooklyn neighborhood, we decided to check out our unknown neighbor.
Opening the windowless door, you can not know what to expect. A room of regulars glaring at you for adding an unwelcome beam of sunlight in?? Twenty different baseball games on a wall orgy of flat screens? Or my favorite, a room with more lottery machines than patrons, and golf on the tele.
Alas, none of these were the case as we braved the door, and became the first guests of the day. Soccer was on, and Fort George was on tap. A bigger surprise was the two dart boards on the north wall, above a well stocked book shelf with board games, trivia books, and Playboys.
The one thing they have, that frankly I have never seen before is a very..descriptive beer menu. They list their drafts as "Malty, hoppy, light," etc. Brilliant. I can imagine the bartender answering those questions a thousand times, and finally saying "Piss on it, I'm going write it up, and let everyone have a read on their own."
The big bonus that I liked that I mentioned before was the Fort George on tap, and not the typical (though still hard to find) Vortex IPA. They had the Nut Red, which of course was listed under "Malty."
Yes, for throwing a few games, this spot in the Brooklyn neighborhood is pretty cool. Beer, darts, and Playboys. Hello flashback to Jeff's basement in 1996.

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