Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sewickly's Addition

Sewickly's Addition is located on the eastern edge of Hawthorne cool, neighbored by an Elk's lodge, and has a smell that I can only descirbe as stale smoke meets fresh out of the box dildo odor. Don't ask how I know these things.
If your a vegetarian looking for micro brew, your fucked, and may get beaten for asking, but if your looking to play darts, drink PBR, and eat onion rings, your in paradise. On a recent trip, Erin and I played two games, though I forget who won. Ironicaly enough, the better she gets, the more I forget. Anyways, Sierra Nevada and PBR were on tap, and I got the feel that they don't have the ever changing tap selection of Green Dragon or Horse Brass, which is probably exaclty how the regulars like it. Erin had a Mirror Pond in a bottle, and I, feeling the groove of the place, had a PBR tall boy.
The dart boards are located in a..well..odd spot, in my opinion anyway. There are four, against the western most wall, in a dining room area. So, I guess if it gets busy, your drunk, a dart could posibly go into the eye of someone enjoying a Sewickly burger.
All in all, I kind of liked the place, despite the sex toy smell, and sub par tap list. We found ourselves playing, sitting, talking, and watching the traffic on Hawthorne, for much longer than I would have thought. Make dinner plans elsewhere, but a stop here is defenately a must for the dart thrower, and seeker of the dive.

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  1. For the record; Cidermaster won the first game but I won the second! How soon you forget.