Monday, February 23, 2009

Astoria trip

Seafood, micro-brew, geocaching, hooray!! Unfortunately, no darts were to be played on our recent trip to Astoria. I love Astoria though, but other than an electronic monster at The Portway, I couldn't find a proper board anywhere. So, I had to settle with enjoying the food and beer at Ft. George Brewery. Ah, it's a tough life. Chris, the owner/brewer makes a mean IPA named Vortex, which can sometimes be found on tap here in town. But, the real beer on a pedistle for us this trip was his Cofee Girl Stout, named after the coffe shop on Pier 39 that his wife runs. It was so smooth, creamy, and with just a hint of coffee flavor. The fish and chips here are really good, as is everything on the menu. We also went to Rogue, since we were nearby for a Cache, and I tried their Juniper Ale, which was good, but for beer drinking, Ft. George is the place to be in Astoria. That being said, one can skip right over The Astoria Brewing Comany's Wet Dog Cafe. The beer and food are shit.
So, for a service to the dart players, I can tell you where we went, and don't have boards.

:Portway Club (nice place, seasoned bartender, decorated like Long John Silver's)
:Ft. George (good...well..good everything)
:Silver Salmon Saloon (awesome oyster stew!!!)
:Voodoo Room (unique place with a hell of a bartender)
:Worker's Bar and Grill ( no seafood or vegetarian food, and the service sucks)
:Rogue (Rogue is Rogue, if you like it, you like it, if you don't , you don't, they do have Ft. George on tap though, which helps to wash down the high priced food)

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