Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet the Brewer night - Ft. George

Last night it was a packed house at Green Dragon. It was only second time I had been since the Rogue takeover. We were not there to play darts or pinball of course, since they ripped them out, we were there to see Chris from Ft. George brewery and have some tasty Murky Pearl. The whole crowd was definitely George friendly. Everyone listened intently as Chris talked about his brewery, and the romantic origins of his Coffee Girl Stout. After his speech Chris roamed the room, patiently talking to everyone wanting time with him, including this half drunk idiot. I appreciated talking with him, and will constantly promote Ft. George to anyone that will listen.


  1. Holy cow, you were there, too? You should have found the blogging table and introduced yourself. We were half-drunk idiots also.

  2. cool, I had no idea of such a table. I certainly would have.

  3. It wasn't an official table, but I was sitting there with Angelo and Margaret from Brewpublic, Jason (Portland Beer and Music blog) was there for a second, then Mr. Foyston sat down for awhile.

    No worries, we'll run into one another at some event or other.