Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quimby Lucky Lab

The NW outpost of the Lucky Lab mini-empire reminds me, yet again, why I enjoy Lucky Lab. The Lab loves the big spaces, the beer is always phenomenal, cheap peanuts, and darts. For some reason,I had never ventured to this location before, but made it a stop on the way back from St. John’s one day. Now, this isn’t a place you may happen upon, it is tucked away on the the fringes of the Pearl, and just far enough away from the NW 21st-23rd crowd to make For me, and my neighborhood snobbery, it was an oasis of SE, in NW. They have two dart boards, like the Hawthorne Lab, side by side. The outside seating is ample, and the inside has the same last supper-ish communal tables as the SE location.
We didn’t happen to have our darts with us, but we will definitely go back just to play there.

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