Monday, May 11, 2009

Hood Canal Brewery

Not many people would make the trip all the way up the Kitsap Peninsula from Portland to try some beer, but, for you, I would do such a thing. I even suffered, for the reading public, through days of salt water kayaking, manly meals of potato chips and peanuts, and an embarrassingly large of amount of Olympia consumption. What did I come away with, besides a soaking wet tent and a two day hangover? Knowledge of some of the best beer I have had here in the Northwest. You probably haven't had it, being that it rarely, if ever, makes it this far south. But the lucky of Northwest Washington get to have this, and you should make the drive to get what they got.
Hood Canal Brewing was started by an ex-teacher, with a dream. Now, the dream had moved from his 800 square foot garage, into a sizably larger industrial building outside the blink-and-you-miss-it town of Kingston. The beer he creates is superb, as you can taste in his tasting room. Supplied with free pretzels and peanuts (take note Full Sail....wankers), you can have pint "tasters", before you leave with a growler, 120z, or 22 0z bottle. Brian and I tried everything they made, even their barleywine, which normally we are not fans of. Even that was good!! I love small breweries, where you can see the brewer/owner/server. You can really feel that they love what they are doing, and they have one of those...what are they called, smiles when they work.
If you ever get a wild hair up your Portland ass for a road trip, make the drive to Kingston, pass Silverdale and the "Olive Garden-esque" Silver City Brewing, and grab a pint or 5 of some quality brew at Hood Canal. No darts, but well worth the trip.

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