Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tugboat Brewing

After telling people I was going to check out Tugboat Brewing, the unanimous response was, "where/what is that?". Tugboat may be the only brewery in town that, seemingly, no one has heard of. It is tucked neatly, downtown, on a side street just around the corner from Mary's Strip Club. I wanted to try more of their brews, but, out of the four they had on tap, two were sold out, and the other was a porter, which on a warm night, didn't sound too good. So, by default, I tried their Summer Slam. It was a light, low hop beer, with a distant sweetness, that was nice on a warm night. But, I saw no need to order two, if you catch my drift. I instead decided to move on to their nice guest tap selection, which I thought was odd, being it outnumbered their own brews. I digress. I had a pint (not an honest pint mind you) of Klamath Baisn Brewing's 8 Second Ale. Even with all my trips to Green Dragon, Horse Brass, and Belmont Station, I have never seen this on tap, let alone heard of this brewery. Now this was a good beer. Balanced, light , hoppy, and damn tasty. Apparantly, I may have to return to Tugboat just to get more of this beer. I will not be driving to Klamath Falls anytime soon.
So, this cash only place passes muster as a downtown dive-y place, with what seemed to be a nice little food menu. The beer they make, or should I say, the one I had was drinkable, but nothing to write home about. I was tempted, in part, by their claim to make British style strong ales on their website, maybe next time they will actually have some. The British claim also raised my hopes for a proper dart board, of which there was none.
For those who frequent Bailey's Taproom, this is directly across Ankenny. The people in Bailey's looked like they were having more fun then me, but they also looked like a bunch of beautiful people that make me want to start randomly slashing Range Rover tires. And if your possibly purchasing a pint at Bailey's you pretty pussy, then gander over, you may just see my ugly ass staring back at you with a pint of Klamath, a knife with tire rubber dangling from it, and a smaller bar tab.

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