Monday, June 15, 2009


After a enjoyable game of disc golf up at Pier Park in North Portland, we decided to give Belmont Station's distant cousin, Saraveza, a try. I have been wanting to have a go at it for awhile now, but, damned if I could come up with a proper reason to head up that far north, and leave my beloved SE behind.
I liked Saraveza, except for a few gripes. They did have a nice selection of bottles, but, of course, no where near the selection of Belmont Station. Although, I will say, the snacks were considiberly better, more creative, and more pickled-tastic (a new word I made up after this visit). While we didn't have any of the pasties, we saw a few go out, and they looked amazing.
The taps availiable is small, but the selctions were interesting. I had a Great Divide Belgian IPA, which, tasted exactly like the name implies. Erin had a pint of Black Ale from 10 Barrels Brewing in Bend. Erin liked it a lot, and the beertender described it as a easier to drink Stout for the summer time, and it was.
So, I do have to point out a few things that I was annoyed, ever so slightly, by. They do, obviously sell bottles. But, the bottles have no price anywhere near, or on them. For the price, you have to pick up a seperate, price menu and walk around with it. That is one less hand I could be carrying bottles with. Also, I am a big fan of the honest pint project, although, Saraveza must not be.
I guess I am spoiled by Horse brass and Belmont Station, but now, I am dissapointed in a establishment, especially a bottle shop, that does not serve a proper pint.
The low down, if you are in North Portland, this is a nice little shop, with tasty food, that is worth a visit. If you are anywhere south of 84, head to Belmont Station for your rare, beer nerd tastes.

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