Monday, June 8, 2009

Horse Brass

After a successful beer buying trip from Belmont Station, a trip down the street to Horse Brass to play some darts was in order. Of late, I have been changing my drinking preferences. I used to be a die hard, hard drinking, IPA devotee. Well, now, for some unknown reason, I have switched to Belgian style ales. The flavors, and complexity I have found, has really been amazing. I can close my eyes, and taste the centuries of honing this style in every bottle. So, if you , too, are a IPA fan, try a Belgian, then try two, you will discover a whole new range of taste.
Of course, I rant this long to delay the news, I barely won our first game, and got slaughtered on our second. I had a Helles Lager from Caldera that softened the blow, followed by a Duvel. Erin was on fire, and I was throwing like a blind man.
So, I have an open question, dart board etiquette, I am claiming ignorance. Is it proper to play one game, then sit down, or can you play as long as you see fit, until interrupted? Or, if you want the board, what is a polite way of getting it if others are playing? While in the middle of our second game, someone came up, and asked if he could have the board after us, which, was fine, though I was hoping for a 2 out of 3 kind of situation. Is there any rule, as in pool, you put quarters down, or, your darts down? Can you offer to play for control?
If anyone has any insight, let me know.

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