Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Washington series #1 - Anacortes Brewery

I just got back from a long, wonderful trip to northern Washington, and Vancouver Island. Three cideries, and four breweries later, I am back in town, and ready to report. Up first, Anacortes Brewery, in Anacortes, WA.
Anacortes Brewery is located right on the little, cutesy main street area in Anacortes. Surrounded by antique and curio stores, it is a nice little place to spend some time waiting for the next ferry to the San Juan Islands. It is not, however, a destination place to swirve off of I-5 and go to.
I had two beers, and their version of fish and chips. I first ordered the Beligian. After ordering it, the waitress asked if I wanted a sample, I told her no, that was ok, she then nearly insisted I tried it first, saying it is pretty sweet. Sweet? So I tried a little sample, thank the beer gods I did. It was very sweet, flat, and unlike any other Belgian I have ever had. I was dissapointed, and then ordered their Vienna beer. It was quite good. It was a dark amber, well balanced, a little bit of a spicy aftertaste, slightly smokey, and even had hints of orange. Good, and nicely cleansed my pallete of the lack-luster fish and chips. When at a stones throw from salt water, I expect fish and chips to be better than the average Portland bar. Sorry.
The bar itself is bright yellow inside, covered with blues and jazz posters, with the middle defined by tons of hanging merchandise, a pet peeve of mine. If you want to pimp out your logo covered wares, make it subtle, not a dominate design factor in your space.
So, long story short, go if you just missed your ferry, and are waiting for the next one, check it out, some of the beer is pretty good. When not to go? If you have a short wait, are speeding down I-5, or are seeking killer seafood.
Next up in my Washington series..Skagit Brewing in Mt. Vernon.

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