Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Breweries

In case you haven't heard, Stumptown is going to be guest to even more microbrews int he next coming months. Between Beervana and It's Pub Night doing great jobs reporting this, I'd like to simply link to this list on Beer Around Town. Enjoy, and keep your peepers peeled.


  1. Tara & I need to drag you up to nPod to check out the new North End Pub and Rivergate Brewery on Lombard. Hearing good things about their food.

    They plan on having the largest guest beer selection in North Portland but its still vaporware at this point - blame OLCC. The brewery itself won't be up & running for a fair bit.

    'Til its ready for primetime, we can still do the Lombard shuffle - Twilight Room, Leisure, Slim's.

  2. We are always up for some new spots, it still amazes me how many new breweries are starting up in town.