Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lucky Lab

Lucky Lab, in SE, has two dart boards in a neat little alcove on the Hawthorne side of the building. The only bummer I saw was that they are side by side, which makes me uncomfortable, being the anti-social bastard that I am. The beer at Lucky Lab is always good, I had the delicious No Pity Organic, while Erin enjoyed the Scottish Holiday. The food was really good, if your up for a sandwich. Great vegetarian selection too. Also, if your not in the mood for a sandwich or meal, they have, what I consider to be the perfect food, peanuts.
A couple of comments to the dart player. I would say that the boards are a bit far away from the bar, so you might actually walk far enough to lose your buzz. Solution? Drink more! Also, like Roots, service is all at the bar, so grab the beer and food between games, or get a pitcher.

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