Monday, February 16, 2009


Root's Organic Brewing has a dart board way back in the back, right next to the bathrooms. It's also, evidently, on the main path for the cooks to get to the fridge, so be warned. The dart area has a single, barrel style, table, which is nice for a "hey we have this place to ourselves" feel, until someone runs back in a drunken stupor on their way to take a leak. But, on the plus side, my drunken stupor was a nice short trip.
The beer here is really nice, though some styles were not anything I was into. I tried a sample of the Flanders Red, which was pretty sweet, almost candy-ish. I settled happily on the Triple Threat IPA, while Erin had the Younger's Revenge, both were excellant. The Younger's was 10%, while mine was around 5.5%.
Food at Root's is semi-slim for the vegetarian, which we are, so chips and guacamole it was. But really, I don't feel like chowing down to a full meal when I'm getting my ass beat at darts anyway. Hey, I never said I was good at darts, I just love playing.
Other notes, this is located right on the number 4 Busline, and they do have darts behind the bar.

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