Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The mother of all pubs..Horse Brass

After a day of geocaching (oh yeah, I'm a dork too) and hiking on the gorge, really the only thing to do after getting back to town was to grab some fish and chips at Horse Brass. Really, it is hard to say much about this place that hasn't already been said. But, the one thing I will say, much to the dismay of it's nicotine stained owner, the post smoking ban Horse Brass is a much more visited place by yours truly.
So, for the darts. They have two dart boards in the main dining area, and I think about four in the back. They do have darts available behind the bar, but I had mine handy. The cool thing about Horse Brass, is that they also sell darts, and dart accessories (flights, etc. )
So, the beer list is legendary, and always changing. Which can be wonderful, or heart breaking if you find the beer of your dreams. I get teared up thinking about the Laurelwood Black IPA that was there but for a fleeting moment.
At $6.25 for a generous HALF portion of Fish and Chips, and the dart boards generally ripe for the picking, Horse Brass is a destination worthy of any one that picks up a pint, or aims for a bull.

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