Monday, April 13, 2009

Double Mountain

When Double Mountain was created, I doubt they knew how much they would fulfill my void for a Nirvana in Hood River. I used to be a disciple of Full Sail, until they threw some flat screens on the wall, ripped out the outside grill, and , god dammit, took away the free oyster crackers. It only makes sense I would follow the former Full Sail brewers down the street to a little slice of heaven , called Double Mountain.
We were there this past Sunday, after a hike up to Mitchell Point. First, the beer.
Erin had the Black Irish Stout, which, she didn't like too much, but, as I noticed, drank none the less. I was blown away by my two selections. The first was "Terrible Two". Served in a goblet, it weighs in at an impressive 10% ABV. Man, I wish I had my thesaurus nearby, but all I can come up with, is, it is good. Really, good. Aged in Bourbon Barrel good.
My second beer I got as I stumbled to the bar was a Belgian ale named Inglemunster. Again, strong, goblet sized, and really good. This is apparently a sneak peak of their offering at the upcoming Belgian Beer Fest in Portland.
Ok, food. The food at Double Mountain is very good. I like to call it my inland Ft. George. We got a simple Mezze Platter, for 8.95, and it was amazing. So many places try to do a Mezze Platter, and are lazy with it. Double Mountain's really tastes like they put thought into it, spent time on it, and take pride in it.
The darts.
The dart board is in the side room area, where the tanks and barrels are. The door may be closed, so ask if it is ok to go in. The only bummer is that they don't have any kind of scoring board, so bring a paper and pen.
The Irish must have gotten to Erin, she lost both games. Oh well.
Final thoughts, GO TO DOUBLE MOUNTAIN!! The crew is awesome, the beer, man, the beer! Go.

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  1. I love how you remember the score when you win!!!