Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fearless Brewing

Fearless Brewing was clearly named after what you have to be to drink, or eat there. I'm sorry, is that harsh?
I went there the other day, simply because it is about the only place in Estacada on a Sunday to grab a pint with a buddy. I was disappointed with the beer, food, menu, service, atmosphere, and, well, that about does it.
The beer.
I started with the Tomahawk Brown, which, at 5.3%, is one of Fearless's biggest beers. The problem with the Brown is that the only thing to wash down the aftertaste of cleaning solution, is another drink of this horrible, pint of hell. It is fizzy, and, god, just bad.
I followed this with a glass (I couldn't handle another pint of anything) of the IPA, which made even Full Sail IPA taste good (Full Sail sucks). I am an IPA freak, and have tasted a lot. I can honestly say this was the worst I have ever had.
Next, I had a glass of the Maibock. You know, it wasn't bad. Slighty sweet, lite, and pleasent. Or maybe I was just happy to wash down the shitty mozzarela sticks.
The food.
Bad. Frozen, boring, over priced, and the menu looks like a 5 year old playing with all the fonts in Word. But, we did get free , housemade potato chips, which was nice. The mozzarela sticks we got were obviously bought from the frozen section of Costco or Safeway. Which, you know, is ok, when I'm at home.
The atmosphere.
Or, the lack there of. They say they have the biggest TV in town, which may be true. But, my friends, a large screen, on mute, playing baseball, when you and your buddy are the only ones in the pub, does not make the beer or food taste any better.
The service.
I don't mind being ID'd, but there are ways to do it without being insulting, or rude. As we were going outside, to enjoy the outside seating, with food on order, the waitress ran after us, insisting we put a credit card down first, in case we decided to leave, and the waitress watched as we signed our recipts, comparing signatures, and watching as we put the tip on the receipt. Am I anal, or does this all add up to bad service??
Also, one last thing, they have two beer pricings. Standard beer pricing, and for an extra .25, premium beer pricing. Please, I have never been to a brewpub where they pull this crap. And , to call anything Fearless makes "premium", is like calling a steaming pile of shit, chocolate cake.
Sorry, but if your in Estacada, you'd be better off drinking from the Clackamas and taking your chances.

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