Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Washington Series 2 - Skagit Brewing

Skagit Brewing in Mt. Vernon is located right n the "downtown" area, close to the train station, and spitting distance from I-5. Skagit makes the eye catching labeled Sculler's IPA , which most here have no doubt seen, decorated with a pirate logo, which the whole tavern seems to latch onto. I liked the Sculler's, and the Dutch Girl Lager I tried. Neither were anything groundbreaking, but they were both well made, nicely balanced beers, ranking better than some, and worse than others I have had in there respective categories.
The real reason I went here, was to try some local cider from Red Barn Cider on tap. That was a nice treat, and really is a well made cider. Clear, pleasant aroma, not too sweet, not too dry, and actually uses real cider apples for some welcomed tannins, missing from so many cheap, macro cideries.
So, the food was good, edible, non diarrhea causing. But, really there to make sure your 5th Sculler's doesn't leave you passed out on the train tracks. I thought it was a bit pricey, but, I am also a big cheap ass.
A destination brewery it is not, but if your in the area, Skagit is definitely worth a visit.

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