Friday, July 10, 2009

Holy line around the block batman

Just got back form the first night of the Puckerfest at Belmont Station. Wow, I have personally never been there when the line, literally, went out the door, and around the side of the building. The occasion was a release of two Double Mountain sours, which I didn't get to try, because it wasn't relased until 6pm. But, if you can make it, there is a great slection of other Belgian styles, and sours. The one that made me the happiest was the BJs Enfant Terrible, which has been cellared since BJs stopped brewing in Portland. The ABV is listed as unknown, but, I would guess it to be around 6.5-8. Go and check it out, grab a glass, stand in line, and enjoy this celebration of beer that isn't IPA. It's ok, the mighty Oregon gods will forgive you.

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