Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Washingotn Series #4 - Pike Brewing

The last stop on our holiday last month was a visit to Pike Place Market. Erin had never been before, and it is always a thrill for me to play tour guide. One thing I had never done before was to check out Pike Brewing, located right in the market. Pike brew is relatively easy to find here in town, but a trip here is a must. The space they have is huge, and includes a beer museum. We had a pizza, which was very good, as was all of the beer we tried. The one that stood out, and that Belmont Station has now in a 22oz, is the Monk's Uncle. At 9% ABV, this is a beer that will slap you upside the head with goodness. It is an Abbey Style beer, brewed with Belgian Yeast and candy sugar. The website says it is avaliable only in the spring, so I would run and grab some before it is gone. For any fan of Belgian beer, this is a great, local, must try.
Really I have nothing bad to say about the place. You have to go into it with some knowledge though. It is downtown Seattle, so you will, unless your more patient than me, need to pay for garage parking. If you pick the wrong day, or the wrong time, driving around Pike Place Market area can make you wish you had stayed home, shoving pieces of broken glass up your nose, listening to the Jonas Brothers, and drinking Budweiser. Ok, I may have gone too far, forget the Budweiser.
But, if you can handle the traffic, and the comotion of a Seattle icon, check it out, the beer and food is top notch, as is the staff.

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