Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ft. George trip

Yesterday we took our friends from Illinois to the mecca of coastal brewing, Ft. George. We were lucky enough not only to chat with Chris, but catch the musical stylings of the Musky Buskers.The two piece from Portland sounded great. Ft. George had a BBQ going on outside, with brats (not veggie brats though) and the awesome Illuminator Doppelbock on tap. It is barrel aged using barrels from the Heaven Hills distillery, and tasted a lot like a Belgian Sour to me, which Chris, owner/brewer, agreed with. He credits that to the barrels he used.I of course, took a growler home with me. Which leads me to the next excellent point, the amazing new growlers they have. They are like nothing I have seen before, and have cool flip tops. The other beer of note we tried was the Spank Stout, made with a spicy mix of Jalapeno, Habanero, Pasilla, and Anaheim peppers brewed right into it. I usually despise chili and spicy beers, but this one not only was really good, the subtle spiciness made me want to drink more, and more, and..well, I don't remember much after that.
Ft. George is growing by leaps and bounds, installing a breath taking new outside tank, and inching ever closer to canning their Vortex IPA.
The food, as always, was great, and getting to talk to the two brewers of Ft. George was an honor, and a pleasure.
It is a bit of a drive, but well worth it. Ft. George is my favourite Oregon brewery, with Double Mountain at a close second. Amazing beer.

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